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Take your students on a trip across Texas with the State of Tomorrow™ Curriculum

The State of Tomorrow™ curriculum will help your students understand the important relationship between universities and communities — and introduce your class to exciting career and educational opportunities in fields such as medicine, science, technology and environmental quality.

Designed for grades six through 12, the curriculum offers previewing and post-viewing activities that can be used for any of the 13 State of Tomorrow episodes. Lesson plans have been aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). See TEKS information arranged by subject and grade level.


Previewing Activities

Illustrates how colleges and universities are organized and introduces students to a basic research design. A short quiz is included that can be administered after the presentation is shown and discussed.


Enhancing the Viewing Experience

Enhances student learning while viewing the episodes with worksheets that will help students review and retain significant details, and handouts to help build vocabulary skills.


Research Project

Encourages students to synthesize, evaluate and apply what they've learned with a research project that allows them to explore a particular field of interest.

Watch the Series Online

State of Tomorrow curriculum files are in PDF format. Download the reader.

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