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The Team - Music

Buzz has been repeatedly recognized for his theatrical sound design work, most notably the design and performance of live sound effects for Salvage Vanguard Theater's The Intergalactic Nemesis, currently on U.S. tour. As an engineer, Buzz recently co-recorded and mixed Graham Reynolds' musical soundtrack for the film A Scanner Darkly. Buzz is co-founder of the Dionysium, a monthly show combining lectures, short films, music, singing, and formal debate and founder of Foleyvision, a group that performs live voice dubbing, music, and sound effects along with foreign films.
  • Sean Craypo
  • Lyman Hardy
  • Kamran Hooshmand
  • Berk Marye
  • Joel Patterson
  • Laura Phelan
  • Graham Reynolds
  • Sativa Quartet
  • Peter Stopschinski
  • Adam Sultan