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Higher Education is for All of Us

About State of Tomorrow™

How do we educate new generations of children? Offer the best healthcare to those who need it? Take care of an aging population, strengthen our economy, and secure our safety from manmade and natural disasters? Are we creating a strong, healthy and vibrant future for our children and grandchildren?

All across Texas, public higher education innovators are working on real-world solutions to today’s greatest challenges — solutions to improve our daily lives, whether or not we ever step on a college campus. With State of Tomorrow™, we’re with them in the lab, in the classroom or in the field.

To tell the stories of these amazing researchers and faculty members — and the stories of people whose lives they forever change, State of Tomorrow began as a documentary television series that highlighted extraordinary work at institutions from all six Texas public higher education systems. Throughout the series, we encounter families who are grappling with serious illness, men and women preparing to confront disasters, and researchers pursuing the most intricate, elusive problems of health, science, education, technology and the environment. State of Tomorrow tells unforgettable personal stories about the greatest issues of our time. From researchers who have dedicated their lives to improving the human condition to people profoundly affected by today's challenges, this series interweaves the difficulties we face as a society with the promise of a better future. The series has garnered five Lone Star EMMY® awards to date.

To inspire the future innovators, we developed a TEKS-based curriculum to introduce middle- and high-school students to the excitement of real-world research. Distributed with a DVD-set of the series to all of the state’s 1,040-plus public school districts, the curriculum was designed to help students in grades six through 12 discover how colleges and universities serve their communities in a variety of ways. The series also introduces students to a wide range of career and educational opportunities in areas such as medicine, science, technology and environmental quality. We’re excited about upcoming pilot programs to expand the usage of State of Tomorrow in the classroom.

Higher education is not about buildings or degrees, it’s about people — the people who are working to make our communities stronger, safer, healthier and prosperous. State of Tomorrow tells their stories.

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